About FMD

FMD is a development group. It acknowledges the importance of establishing networks for sharing models of ‘best practice’ in all development sectors. It seeks to establish networks by training professionals who, in turn, will share their insights on how ‘to build landscapes locally.Training and research related activities are the major part of FMD’s work. Nevertheless a prerequisite for the development of meaningful training is to give assistance to local organisations with the implementation of their rural development programmes.


FMD expertise covers the fields of economics, social sciences, fores­try, policy making, capacity building and training, organisational and insti­tutional development.

The services provided include analyses of policy, environmental assessment, institutional advice and training programmes. FMD is active in the entire project cycle, from project identification, through design to implementation and evaluation.


Working experience in Central and Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panamá, Perú, Colombia, Argentina, Chile); Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Cameroon), Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka) and Europe (Netherlands and Portugal).

Major clients

FMD is globally active in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. FMD has established a broad client base. Among its clients are government ministries and affiliated institutions, the European Commission, development agencies from the nordic countries and Switzerland, UN organisations such as the FAO, and UNDP, international financial insti­tutions, such as World Bank, national and international non-governmental organi­sations, universities and private enterprises.