FMD ofers the following services

  • Execution of multidisciplinary participatory research projects in different areas: sustainable management and conservation of tropical rainforests, community management of natural resources.
  • Development of training courses for staff on improved management of tropical rain forests, community management of natural resources and participatory approaches.
  • Systematization of indigenous knowledge in relation to natural resources management.
  • Execution of consultancies and short and long term studies in formulation, execution and evaluation of projects.
  • Development of workshops on community management of natural resources based on existing knowledge and experiences.

Experience in Program Management

Since 1989, FMD has managed and implemented over 60 projects on behalf of bilateral and multilateral donors, UN agencies, and government clients in more than thirty countries around the world. These range from small sector studies to long-term multi-million euro projects. Feel free to contact us to learn more about specific expertise in a country, region or sector. You can also consult the list of programs and projects on this website.