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Our Approach

Fundamental to FMD’s approach is to first understand the needs of our clients, stakeholders and the beneficiaries of our work. We do not follow the “one solution fits all” approach, but rather strive to develop customized solutions, that address the unique situation and environment of each client. Whether our client is a government, institution, community or individual, we place a strong emphasis on capacity building and participatory approaches to developing solutions that are client-driven and address their needs and challenges. We bring stakeholders into our project design, and put great emphasis on involving the beneficiaries in project planning and decision-making.


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Our Approach enables us to:

  • work with our clients to identify and understand needs and develop a solution-oriented implementation plan to address those needs;
  • help citizens come together to articulate their needs, mobilize their resources, and plan and manage change; and
  • facilitate institutional strengthening and reform to assist governments to improve governance and promote effective resource management



Our Strengths

  • A proven history of delivering quality projects in both developing and transitional economies;
  • Professional excellence with a strong multidisciplinary capacity;
  • An emphasis on capacity building, participatory approaches and working with local consultants, institutions and enterprises to ensure that in-country expertise is developed, local solutions are applied, and sustainable results are achieved;
  • Identification and inclusion of women’s needs and priorities, as well as those of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups; and
  • Language competence in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese, with a sensitivity to gender and cultural issues.

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